So, what is appriss all about?

Originally known as Interactive Systems and The VINE Company, Appriss was founded by Mike Davis and Yung Nguyen. The two worked with Jefferson County, Kentucky government officials to develop the nation's first automated victim information and notification system after the murder of Mary Byron by her former boyfriend in 1993.

Davis and Nguyen unveiled VINE® (Victim Information and Notification Everyday) in Jefferson County exactly one year after Mary's murder. Since then, thousands of communities in nearly every state have adopted Appriss technology and services. In 2000, the company's name was changed to coincide with an expanded scope of services.

Appriss is derived from the word "apprise," which means "to notify."

Today, Appriss is constantly exploring new ways to keep our communities safe and informed. Our flagship product, VINE®, is the nation's leading automated victim notification solution. JusticeXchange provides access to the nation's largest near real-time data network of incarcerated persons. Appriss is the technology provider for NPLEx (National Precursor Log Exchange), an electronic tracking service used to track and block the illegal sale of over-the-counter cold medicines containing pseudoephedrine.

Appriss also specializes in solutions that provide government agencies with innovative ways to manage and provide access to public information, including, a revolutionary approach for making accident reports available to the public, online.

Appriss also provides a smartphone app for sheriffs’ offices to help them communicate more effectively with their communities. The app is provided at no cost to sheriffs who offer VINE.

As a technology company, Appriss prides itself on constantly innovating; we strive to create the best, most efficient solutions for our customers. This mindset carries over into our benefit structure and company culture. The Edington Next Practice Award and The Healthiest Employers Award of Greater Louisville illustrate Appriss’ commitment to health and wellness, while being consistently named as one of Kentucky’s Best Places to Work and to the Fast 50 list of growing companies in Kentucky show that Appriss maintains a commitment to employee engagement while continuing to grow.