Employee Benefits

At Appriss, we pride ourselves on being on the cutting edge of technological solutions. As a company, we develop creative and intelligent solutions to common problems. We bring this focus on excellence to the benefits we offer our employees as well. We offer a wide range of benefits, including FREE health insurance, an on-site clinic, a weekly Fruit Cart Day and a walking/running fitness group.

On-site clinic

In 2010, Appriss opened an on-site clinic; it was the first and is still one of the only on-site clinics in the region. Visits to the clinic are free for any participating member of our health insurance plan and generic prescriptions from the clinic are free as well. The opening of the clinic signifies Appriss’ fundamental view of health care. By providing employees and their families the opportunity to access free health care on site, Appriss is placing an emphasis on wellness as well as creatively finding a way to address rising health-care costs without increasing the burden on employees.

Fruit Cart Day

Despite all the focus on individuality here at Appriss, all employees have one common defining characteristic … they like to eat. Like, really, really like to eat. Don’t worry; you won’t again revisit the Freshman 15 when you start working at Appriss because once a week an Appriss employee (including members of our Senior Team) walks around the building with a cart chock-full of fruit. In addition to supplying fellow employees with an afternoon snack, fruit-carting allows employees to get to know their colleagues a little better and to talk to and ask questions of the leaders of the company.

Run Appriss Run

There are all kinds of reasons to run. Fitness. Mental clarity. Zombie escape. Appriss is assisting employees in their pursuit of moving faster than whatever it is that’s chasing them by sponsoring a program that reimburses employees for participation in road races or charity walks. Those who coordinate and walk or run as an Appriss Team in those events can receive t-shirts and hats to show off their “Appriss Cares” spirit.

Results Only Work Environment

At Appriss, management cares about your performance, not how often you are present in the office. Utilizing a system called Results-Only Work Environment (ROWE), the majority of Appriss employees are eligible to participate, allowing them to request and take time unlimited time off. This system respects our employee’s need to balance work with their other responsibilities and interests, while trusting them to be accountable for performance.

Other Benefits Include:

Paid Time Off (Hourly Employees)

Dental Insurance

Vision Insurance

Short/Long Term Disability

Life Insurance


Flexible Spending Account

Tuition Reimbursement

Employee Assistance Program

Gym Reimbursements