The Company Culture....

True or false? Around Easter, most CEOs dress in bunny ears and deliver candy to sugar-starved engineers. Well, at Appriss, that statement is resoundingly true. Our open culture fosters creativity and productivity by allowing employees to work in a way that best suits their individual personalities. Are blue jeans a staple in your wardrobe? No problem. Do you prefer to close the door and write brilliant code in an office that resembles the bat cave? We like it. You know what else we like? Impromptu hallway putt-putt competitions and the inflatable giraffe in the marketing wing.

Don’t get us wrong. We have impeccably high standards; demanding the best of each employee is standard Appriss practice. However, we feel that allowing people to develop their own way to work is conducive to generating great ideas and inventive solutions to challenges that face our communities daily.

In addition to our emphasis on encouraging individual expression, a focus on collaboration means that each person at Appriss has a sounding board. Socrates had the right idea. Asking questions and open discussion have converted far-fetched ideas into legitimate products that make a difference in people’s daily lives. Combined, “what” and “if” are transformative words; and they are questions Appriss employees are encouraged to ask every day.

In order to ensure we maintain a culture with a focus on both results and the integrity of the process that delivers those results, we have developed several core values that set the standard for everything we do. We call it ICARE:


Integrity is an integral part of being a good person and a good company. At Appriss, we are honest and ethical and we strive to be honorable and fair in everything we do.

Customer Driven:

Without our customers our business wouldn’t exist. We’re passionate about our customers. We listen to those we serve and we go above and beyond to delight them with our innovative results.


We set challenging, but attainable, goals and we hold each other accountable. We’re dedicated to meeting our commitments and keeping our promises.


We respect others in what we say, what we do and how we listen. We are direct in our communications and practice blameless problem solving.


We strive for excellence. Our services require it and our customers deserve it. We’re proud of our work and all that we do.